Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have a new website/blog now.
(no more blogspot!)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Night(!!!!!)

4 June 2010.

Our first "official" girl's night.  These girls are, BY FAR, my best friends. 
For the past twenty three years of my life, I have been only best friends with boys. Because boys are cooler, I's true. Girls tend to be catty and jealous and...just not my style.

But THESE girls. They are special. They're weird and loopy and real.

They cheer me up. We work out together (running stairs, abs, laps, etc). They helped me get over this awful break-up last month. Jill shows up at my house in the morning with arm-fulls of breakfast and cooks it for us. Desirae gives me the keys to her car, lets me borrow her red, snakeskin high heels, and brings me crazy trinkets from Thailand. Heather (who doesn't live in Cleveland) drives 12 hours to visit and check up on me, and takes care of me when I'm sick.
Basically, I have permanently incredible friends.  I had to have been bored before I met them.

And you can make fun of that tv/movie "Sex&the City" all you want, but there is a for real correlation between those girls and us girls. It's awesome.

Last night we got dressed up and went out on the town.  Fun!