Friday, April 30, 2010

Christian Hoeferle, German Businessman.

The following images are of my friend Christian Hoeferle.
He is a businessman, father, husband, and my friend!
He is, of course, German, and his family is my favourite family (maybe in the whole USA).

This suit is made of Egyptian cotton, in case you were wondering...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lady DaDa.

Neon green wig, three black dots above each eyebrow, a silver sparkly mini-dress, six inch high heels, and my bestfriend Desirae.

(sort of Lady GaGa inspired. but not anywhere as strange)...  (and thanks to Chelsea who came out to shadow this session!)
and to everyone in Cleveland, TN who drove by while we were're welcome!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Erin in Wonderland.

For WEEKS of living in my new house, I have been wanting to photograph in my yard, using my red desk chair.  And finally! Erin was my number one model of choice, and lucky for me, she was willing and able to come over to do it!

These photos were all taken in my backyard from about 7pm-730pm (the best time!!)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Earlier this week I was asked what inspires me. Which got me to thinking and brainstorming, which ultimately led to this blog post.
So here are some things that inspire me!

I am inspired...not so much by other photos (oddly enough), but by:
Books (&the scenes they paint in my head). And Tennessee. And sunlight. And science (photosynthesis). Weather. Wood grain. Deserted places. Being alone (I am unable to think when there's too many things going on around me).  Making lists (consider this exhibit A). Colours. Train whistles/blares (so, wildly excited by this sound). Textures. I get inspired by things I can touch with my hands. Or things that, just from seeing them, I can tell how they would feel IF I could touch them. 
The basic summary is that: most things inspire me in some way or another, to varying degrees.

On the flipside: I find technology to be a inspiration sucker. I hate being interrupted by my telephone or the television. Electronics kind of bum me out on that level. I find myself trying to moderate them. As in- I want to do some thinking/brainstorming, so I will leave my telephone in another room and close my laptop. 
Also, looking at other people's photos...just is not a great thing for me. I do better when I am left to my own imaginings. Most people don't get this. I LIKE looking at other people's work...but it affects the way I see things, it cramps my style. So I avoid it. 
Also, noon is a bad time. Everything is too bright. I don't like noon, on sunny days.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now Offering: Shadowing/Mentor Sessions.

First things first...Spring never really came, and it's full blown summer here in Tennessee which makes me ESTACTIC!
I've been spending copious amounts of time outdoors lately and have fallen hard in love with Tennessee summers (again, like I do every year).  My skin is turning brown, some freckles have shown their cute little faces, and I feel full of sunshine.

Second things next, I decided that...
since I have this crazy thorough photographic education, why not help other people? 
...(in case you didn't know I spent ten months living in MA attending Hallmark Institute of Photography, spending 18 hours a day in&out of this building, shooting, editing, designing, retouching, leanrning, RE-shooting, etc)...

So if you are an aspiring photographer in the area (or willing to travel to Cleveland, TN) and are interested in learning from me, e-mail me through the contact tab on my website.

I am going to offer two separate learning type sessions:

Shadowing me on a photoshoot (covering things like: composition, lighting, using light modifiers, choosing backgrounds, posing, client interaction, etc)

and/or sitting with me during the post-processing (using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS4).
If you'd like to participate in both, there will be a discount.

Message me for more information if you're interested.  This would be a great time for you to pick my brain!  And I can guarantee it will be fun! (like everything else going on in my life).