Friday, February 26, 2010

northern living.

we woke up this morning to snow up to our knees.
boooo! pretty sure i don't need to be reminded that i love living in the south.

so my mom and i went out and shoveled and snow blowed. pretty hard stuff.
then august came over (my aunt now owns him)
and we took some portraits!

most handsome dog in the world.

farewell from the snow-land of PA.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

cutest little persian eskimo&white pairing ever.

i'm that girl who hangs out almost exclusively with the male species.
i live(d) with 5 boys. and girls are just not as much fun.
desirae is the exception. which is why we are best friends...
(well that, and she says that when she met me, she thought to herself "yeah, i'm going to be best friends with this girl") .
and so it began.

we have the same size feet (size 6/7).
we like the same beers. we share clothes, crafts, coffee, shoes, ideas, jokes, jobs.
she is a persian eskimo princess. i am an italian/german hybrid.

we had a fight once.
when i left TN we exchanged peacoats.

when we said good-bye, after all the hugging and what not, she hopped into her purple jeep and screamed "PISSED! PISSED! PPPPPIIIIISSSSSEDDDDDD! PISSED!" and swerved out of the parking lot.
it hilarious, meaningful, and i will remember it always.

engaged: Jill&Chad

I've been friends with Jill&Chad for like...a bazillion years (probably more like 4).
And now they are getting married in three months, so we went downtown this weekend to take some engagement photos!

Many thanks to my beau for coming along &helping with gear carrying&reflecting!
this is us all before the shoot.
just a typical day of shooting, getting grabbed, &wearing many colours/layers.

and THEN, jill was awesome enough to come over the next day and take some photos of adam and i.
shooting with a timer is soooo lame! i mean, it's actually really fun, but it takes forever and the amount of good shots is very little. so i set the camera settings and framed it (camera on tripod) and had jill shoot! she was hilarious. everything i had told her to do on her engagement photos, she repeated back to us. seriously, i was dying laughing.

lastly, we all have these "celebrity look-alikes".
adam is ryan gosling.
which is pretty nice since ryangosling is my definition of the "best looking man alive".

byebye from scranton, PA!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hannah davenport.

last saturday (in the absolute freezing cold!) hannah came to town and we made these images.
these are a dream come true, because i am always wanting people to get all dolled up for outdoor photos. and tada! enter hannah!

so meet the gorgeous hannah (and her dog daisy), who were brave enough to brace the FREEZING cold wearing summer clothes!
(i mean, i was completely bundled up and i wanted to throw myself into a fire just to thaw out)


i leave TN on monday. i'm not saying good-bye to anyone...that stuff is way over-rated. there's just no time to hang out "one last time"!
so...farewell TN! my weekend is slam booked and i JUST started packing.

cool story- i had a hotel guest call me today to apologize for not being able to say good-bye, to wise me all the luck in the world, and to tell me how much he has enjoyed my company
(this is a guy who comes in at 530am or breakfast and we have execllent life talks). and another guest brought me dinner from Outback! best thing(s) ever. i feel well taken care of and i appreciate that endlessly.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Colkmire-Keen Wedding.

Slacker city with the wedding photos!
There are so many photos from the weddings I shoot that it is a daunting task to prep them for blog. No excuse, but still.
Time is precious these days.

This is the most recent wedding I did, with April&Alan.

Thank you April&Alan for letting me be a part of your beautiful day!