Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fall farm lunch date.

holy smokes weather!
my bb desirae and i took advantage of this autumn day and went to andy's farm in ootlewah to picnic and play.

here are photos from it.

the brownish photos were made by holding des's sunglasses over the camera lens.

twas a good day.
i'm thankful for the friends in my life.
and for autumn.

Monday, September 28, 2009

photo of the day,

today is a slower work day and the air is inspiring to me so i thought,
every day i should do a "shot of the day" in my apartment. something shadowy maybe, or abstract, or something definite. whatever it is, just to investigate light and shapes.
so, i started today.
but i picked a few because i liked more than one.

really, this is just something to flex my photographic muscles.

&then there is this little fellow, my partner, who followed me around and helped me.

this weekend i went to atlanta with my room-mate and hung out with his wonderful mother. then we headed over to athens, ga to hang out with a friend on his farm. (i love farms).
i rode a 4 wheeler, shot a pistol and a shotgun, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
we went to church while we were there and i witnessed the best worship service i have ever attended. i'm still reeling from it.
it was actually awesome to get out of cleveland. usually i have really bad anxiety about leaving home/town unless its a business trip. but this trip was great. so much fresh air!

today is the ideal day to set the mood with my morning jacket "evil urges" album. mmmm! i can't get enough!

Friday, September 25, 2009


my brother came to visit all this weekend and it was great.
he is my favourite story teller and we are almost twins.
we have everything in common and nothing in common at the same time.
it's wild.

here's my thinking:
some day, when we are really old and grey, we will be that brother/sister spinster couple who live in the house next door to you. he'll water the lawn, and i'll bake cookies.
we will sit on the front porch and drink tea (both hot and iced).

until then...

this is my new self-portrait.
not exactly marketing material, but this is me all over.
i wear this outfit 6 out of 7 days a week.
(sweatpants with pockets are one of my favourite inventions)
i am a warehouse kind of girl.
especially this warehouse (for sentimental reasons).
i love windowlight. i love textured backgrounds.
this is me!

Mr.&Mrs. McCrary!

yesterday me and the mccrary's (alliteration, awesome) went around cleveland and took some shots in the beautiful tennessee sun. we encountered two homeless people's shelters (i guess you could call that their "homes").

adam and lauren were married last summer and i had the honour of photographing their wedding which was LOVELY! lauren's colours were so sharp and vivid and their families and bridal parties were so nice. greatgreatgreat wedding!

(some wedding photos are posted at the very end).

. . . / / / wedding photos. . . / / /

thank you mccrary's for a great afternoon!!