Monday, November 23, 2009

Stacey Isom.

ahhhh! i seem to have opportunities to photograph the greatest people! and for this, i am grateful.

this is Stacey Isom.
playwright. professor. mental note taker.

she is so awesome! while at lee university, i heard people talking about her greatness and just this week i was able to meet and work with her!

and here is stacey:

(this shot of her smiling and looking up...golden!^^)

she is so awesome! while at lee university, i heard people talking about her greatness and just this week i was able to meet and work with her- which was an absolute pleasure.

we talked about how plays are all about bringing things that don't belong out. ergo...a typewriter outside. i have always been aware of props and how they can be fun, but my brain had never put those words to it and made it a conscious decision. now, i feel more purposeful in my planning.

this piece of wood paneling is something i created today (er...yesterday). i made both the stencils (with thin plastic & an exacto knife) and spray painted it into a pattern. it is now hanging in my hallway.
i love me some cowboys!

this photo was taken last night. i'm down to two kittens. and i need to find them homes asap!
even though this black one is snarling, he's pretty sweet. i named him mink (so much for not getting attached). but really, august is the only child/pet i can handle at this time in my life.

and speaking of august...he is still handsome, strong, growing, and awesome.

it is now 631am and i have been up since 10am yesterday. exxxxxxxhausted.
good-night, good-morning, whatever.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brigitta Hoeferle, Montessori Kinder School.

Brigitta is the kind of woman i hope to grow up to be.
she is a wise business woman, she is one hundred percent involved in her children's lives (and her kids are also very involved in everything), she is an excellent cook, a great wife, runs an incredible school and an impeccable household.
oh, and she is german! my favourite. you will see from these photos, she is a rock and roll star. i just don't get how she can be all of these things. mind blowing!

these are some fun "head shots" for her new website.

they were taken around the Montessori school at 10am. i can't remember ever shooting outside at 10am, but it worked!

in case you haven't noticed...i've been milking that lens flare lately.
my mom told me today that it makes my images look crappy, fuzzy, and low quality.
well...i'm pretty sold on lens flare. i realize it doesn't work for all shots, but if the sun is low enough i am definitely going to take a few shots shooting right into that ball of fire!

and on this note (or, photo), i leave you.
my apartment and autumn. merged and fused in a photograph.

Tanard, "T".

i saw T at a basketball game a few weeks ago and figured i probably wouldn't meet someone this good looking again for a while. &so i asked to shoot him.

and here are the photos!

My new website was launched yesterday. baby!

for some reason, i can not get the new site to upload on my computer.
i have tried: clearing my cookies and cache, restarting my router, restarting my computer, using different firefox and safari, etc. i was on the phone with my hosting company and he couldn't figure it out either. but i guess if it's working for ya'll then i'm ok with it.
but if you know why my old site comes up on my computer, please let me know. i want to see my site!

and also, i still have an innnnnssssaaaannneee new site coming, so this "new" site right now is kind of like a place holder. great things are on the way!

and speaking of great things, i went camping for the first time last night! heck yes!it was cold but i was not cold. we had a fire, cooked hot dogs on sticks, listened to the wind, watched the stars (which i really can't even see without my glasses on). i love being outside! i love the air and the sounds. mmm! makes me feel all feisty and alive.

my life has been completely non-stop lately.

i have been working, shooting, editing, rescuing kittens from my warehouse, camping, hiking, etc.

about the kittens- i've been hearing them meow for a i went over the wall on the other side of my apartment and found them! it took some detective work, but there were three kittens in an old stove. they are now in a box in my room.

here's one:

teeeeny tiny!

if you want one and are local, let me know asap!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 november 2009.

today has been full! mainly because i woke up at 5:20am. which is a time that i would much rather stay up until, not wake up at.

i was in need of a new self-portrait for my website, and so we made these today! pretty fun. this is right down in front of my apartment. my friend jelly lelly and jeff helped (which you will see below). and these are the results!

i could envision these photos in my head before the shoot, and the pile of leaves made the perfect accent. what a nice surprise!

and now,
let us take a trip down memory lane...when i first got august (who is 4 months old now!)

these photos were taken today. he is pretty close to being too big for my lap.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'm a 1.8 kind of girl.

for these photographs...i used only the modeling light on my new alien bee and a silver reflector (on most) and my 85mm 1.8 with the stunning mark deuce.

mmm...i like taking photos.
all the humans pictured below are pretty great. some are my room-mates, some are my closest friends, and some business associates. it just so happens that they are all pretty good looking.

this past week i went fishing! it was so great. i caught a fish (named steve) and i realized that...i love being outdoors. so heck yes for that. i am a cowboy loving trail blazer and that's how it is going to be.

and since my life is so grand and adventurous, i am going to pen a memoir at some point. everything now is just record keeping/note taking.
here is a clip from an e-mail sent to a friend, explaining my memoir plan and providing some examples for material:

i went fishing for the first time today and caught a fish! unfortunately, it died before we could unhook it and throw it back in. i feel pretty terrible, like a murderer. a little fish murderer.

and this will get a short paragraph- i stop at a gas station with august (my pup) in my backseat with the windows down. i run in for a drink. come out and there is a crowd of three super rough looking bikers in black leather, metal studs, and wrinkly skin gathered around my car. and they are baby talking to august! like, their voices googly.
"aren't you just the prettiest pup i've ever seen? yes, you know it! you are such a good dog, so pretty..."
holy smokes, my teeth about fell out of my head because i was grinning so hard.

i caught a snake in the woods yesterday.
not memoir material, but still very cool.

his response to me was:

I would read that book. Although I think you should include the snake catching sequence. Those little details are what build and contribute to the texture of life. Also the idea of catching a snake has so many metaphorical relationships that you can't not include it. It could be one of your epiphany scenes. You stand in the woods holding a snake looking into it's eyes and pondering life's choices. That's lyrical man!!

i'm figuring that i should wait another 15-20 years to maximize the experiences told in this memoir. and i'm using all real names in it too, so....think about that.

get outside today. show the cold your body heat and get off the trail. jump a fence. catch a snake.

something like this.