Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Garmon, Christopher.

It's time to meet Christopher Garmon.
I'm rooting for him to be my new neighbor and move downtown next to me. He also is August's personal, and best, caretaker/friend when I have to go out of town.

Check out these red booties. Suuuper cool! They are canvas, they slip right on, they are flat, and they are comfortable.
I bought them in Charlotte, NC at a amazing boutique called NICHE (where my girl with the F L O C K A P P A R E L sells her clothing).

It was pretty drizzly for the entirity of this shoot. It made me think of Ryan Adams a lot. Him and I have been hanging out quite a bit as of late.
Mmmm...Ryan Adams...
one of my favourite lines in any song "she stabs me with her eyes, dirty knives hidden in her dress..."

ok...back to editing wonderful wedding photos....mmmm!!!