Friday, April 9, 2010


Earlier this week I was asked what inspires me. Which got me to thinking and brainstorming, which ultimately led to this blog post.
So here are some things that inspire me!

I am inspired...not so much by other photos (oddly enough), but by:
Books (&the scenes they paint in my head). And Tennessee. And sunlight. And science (photosynthesis). Weather. Wood grain. Deserted places. Being alone (I am unable to think when there's too many things going on around me).  Making lists (consider this exhibit A). Colours. Train whistles/blares (so, wildly excited by this sound). Textures. I get inspired by things I can touch with my hands. Or things that, just from seeing them, I can tell how they would feel IF I could touch them. 
The basic summary is that: most things inspire me in some way or another, to varying degrees.

On the flipside: I find technology to be a inspiration sucker. I hate being interrupted by my telephone or the television. Electronics kind of bum me out on that level. I find myself trying to moderate them. As in- I want to do some thinking/brainstorming, so I will leave my telephone in another room and close my laptop. 
Also, looking at other people's photos...just is not a great thing for me. I do better when I am left to my own imaginings. Most people don't get this. I LIKE looking at other people's work...but it affects the way I see things, it cramps my style. So I avoid it. 
Also, noon is a bad time. Everything is too bright. I don't like noon, on sunny days.