Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New England living room

This shot was taken in my Victorian style living room.
My apartment is quite photogenic.

Photo taken at 1/60th at f 16.
ISO 50
Canon 5d, Canon 50mm f1.2 lens.
One battery operated, ProPhoto umbrella was used.

The curtains came with my apartment, and the coat was my Papa's.

About the "" logo on the photo...
The site will be up soon! I am still working on it.

Let's talk about Lightroom for a second...I used to be hesitant about trusting it (because let's face it, we all fear what we do not know) so I stuck to using Photoshop exclusively. It's safe to say I have made a complete turn around and I love Lightroom. Fact!
If you don't own it, I recommend trying out the trial version. It is the best way to do basic edits, keep your files organized and catalogued, and export different file types.

Good day world.