Saturday, February 28, 2009

Andy the giraffe.

Andy (as pictured below) came over this morning and we took some photos.
You're probably thinking "dang SR! All your friends are so good looking!"
And you're right. 

These were taken, again, in my living room.  It worked out that the colour of Andy's tie lined up with my wallpaper. Tada! That sort of thing happens a lot in my life. I love colour!

These photos were taken using a Canon 5d, an assortment of Canon L lenses, and window light (for the green back-grounded shots) and a ProPhoto umbrella (for the other ones).

Also, these vignettes are natural shadows from the curtains. Not a post-production touch.

This last one is a behind the scenes shot. Not really anything crazy. I just like it. 

I have this thing about fingernails. I really like having short fingernails. As in, I do not let them grow past my fingertips. Long fingernails are weird to have (although it does feel great to shampoo my head with longer nails). But a friend at school asked me to grow them out for a photo he wants to do. As I type this, my nails are clicking the keys.; and it is weirding me out. 

If I could walk around with a camera to my eye, framing different things and comparing compositions- I would be a happy girl. Well, I am a happy girl now.

Good-night world!