Thursday, March 5, 2009


Fun fact: my hair is totally in a ponytail in these shots. Long!

This hat was purchased in Germany, and then found by me in my Papa's basement a few months ago.

Shot with my lovely Canon 5d
50MM 1.2 lens
at 1/45th of a second, ISO 50, and f1.8

I used a trigger release because people make me uncomfortable and I prefer to shoot myself.
(if Taylor Pool would come back to America, it would be different)

I've been musing over the concept of photography...splitting the hairs of time and putting moments in to jars, so to speak.
I have come to the conclusion that I want to be present in every moment. Present, fully, in the 1/60th, 1/500th, 1/15th of a second that it takes to make a photograph. I will exist in the photos I make.

Making photos is something I must do.