Saturday, June 20, 2009


Kylene (fellow Hallmark 09 graduate, whoopwhoop!) and her brother Colter-Wolter came over today for some photo making. they are cool. Kylene is one of the nicest girls I have ever met. she is a great baker too. good times have been had with her...shoot man! i am going to miss the people in my life!

i love kylene's eyebrows!

these were shot with the new Canon Mark Deuce (baby!)
the camera makes my eyes shine with happiness & joy.
i used to be able to flow through the 5D menu without even fingers knew the dials so well! and now, i have to read and learn it. this only serves to excite me about when me & the new 5D know each other inside and out.

things I love (the first thing being lists, of course):
rain, humidity, strength and honesty (because that is what girls are attracted to), heat, green grass, shooting wide open, sticking my feet out while riding a motorcycle and wearing Tom's, being a graduate of the best photo school in the world (actually, it really is), my brother, hugs, beards, how funny i am (really, i have so many stories), fake moustaches, skeleton keys, my brother (really), breakfast foods (especially everything bagels), sleeping on the floor, giving people mnemonic-ish names in my cell phone, external harddrives (not Western Digital), Del's lemonade, Williamson, Jimmy, Gabe (my three favourite teachers), and having short fingernails. oh, and that iphone update was nice as well.

tomorrow i go to Newport, RI for a week of whatever the heck i want, and then a beeeeautiful wedding!