Sunday, June 7, 2009

The difference between going back &going home.

Last weekend I went to Tennessee to photograph a wedding (more to come on that later).
I was able to spend a few days there...tooling around, going to shows, cliff jumping, swimming, meeting new neighbors, etc. Below are some portraits I took on the fly. Some use a reflector, some don't. I really like silver reflectors. A ton. That little extra catchlight they add is killer!

This is Heather and Zachary Paul.
I love the portraits of Zach.
They were just the way I saw them in my head.

This is Tylere, who is clearly the fourth Jonas Brother.

Andy Goodner (who made me a killer mix cd...and then they guy who smashed into my car the other day ruined all my Cd's)

Lyton, who resembles Orlando Bloom...

Andy wanted to show the dangers of using a reflector...blinding!

I just got home from a travel stint around the NE....Boston, Jersey, NYC, and Maine. Some crazy times were had. I ate a ton of good food, was able to hang out (and meet) the nicest people ever. I got to stay with my cousin who is a great guy. I had my car broken into (Mamiya with digital back, 2 lenses, lightmeter, and GPS stolen). Attended a wedding (which is very strange after only ever photographing weddings).

Portraits are awesome. I looooove making images of people. Very rock and roll.
While I was back in Cleveland I scouted out some great locations for portraits and engagements! This excited me. I CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK IN THE SOUTH! I love the heat and humidity! And I love swimming in the river (it makes my skin and hair feel soooo good).

This was sooo funny to me:
While we were in Boston, I spotted a Lush. Now, if you have never experienced a Lush (hand-made cosmetics/soap), you MUST go! I sort of freaked out and ran inside. The boys begrudgingly thing I know, they are giddy about all the stuff! It was hilarious! A employee gave us the hand treatment, and we all bought the stuff. It is SO GOOD! No joke, I felt like I had baby skin. It's important to take good care of your skin and hair (and teeth, etc) because you can't replace it.

These are the boys in Lush.

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I have so many photos to sort through! I love it! I love the entire process of making photos, from the concept to the editing! Whoop Whoop!