Saturday, June 20, 2009

End of Phase Four, now it's time for real life!

alright, so a lot of big deals have been happening in my life as of late.

one- my car was broken into & the mamiya, light meter, 2 lenses,&2tripods were gone (as mentioned earlier).
two- i graduated.
three-i don't have a permanent residence lined up for when i move to TN.
four- i purchased the canon 5d mark deuce.
five- i rode a motorcycle. twice. it was awesome.
six- i have packed up my belongings and am starting the trek to TN soon.
seven- i met my brother's girlfriend and i really like her. finally.

it's one of those things where people say "no big deal" frequently. nope. not here. my life is full of really big deals.

this is my brother & becca (girlfriend)

clint (fellow Hallmark graduate) made these heads and was going to throw them away, so i adopted them.

so i realized that i loved moving around as a kid because it was pure adventure. all i had to do was get in the car (or airplane) when my parents told me to. and i have to get boxes, make plans, schedule, pay money, etc. etc. in order to move. and now, it's not as fun.
my body has been so tired&stressed lately that i'm worried. i think it will get better (especially when i spend a week doing noooooothing in Newport, RI this week).

last night there was a big hoo-hah party with all the teachers and students and i realized...i like these people. my teachers have been CRAZY. they have changed my life. they've raked me over the coals, made me shoot &re-shoot, told me their stories, listened to mine, helped me define my business plans & life goals, and one of them even drove me home on a motorcycle.
what's great is that they are no longer my teachers, but my friends.

last night everyone was taking photos with little point&shoot digitals. but i do not have one of them (unfortunately), so...i have nothing to show.

this photo is of my friend Chayanne and i at a party a few weeks ago (he is an amaaaazing photograher)