Sunday, August 30, 2009


In honour of their two year dating anniversary, Tim&Johanna got their photos made!

I had a great time. We got to hang out, talk, and walk around downtown Cleveland and make these photos.


cleveland, TN has the BEST backgrounds i think. i mean, i know every place has great photographic backgrounds, but they are so overabundant in cleveland. every three feet is something new and textured and graphic.
&i love it toooons.

on a personal note, life has been awesome lately.
my apartment is so big and i have so much work, that it is really easy not to leave home for days. So now, with the help of a friend or two (ahem, matt allen), I am making the conscious effort to leave home every day for a little bit. &it's great! I even met a Native American man last night! &he wore cowboy boots! perfect? right.

&while we're on the subject of cowboys and indians...i have decided to decorate my bedroom with all cowboy/indian items. item one, a huuuge painting of wild horses with the caption reading "free as the wind." yuppp! so cool!

This is what August and I look like today.
Cuuuute! My pup is biggg!

ps. listen to the new MY MORNING JACKET ALBUM called "evil urges."
best album in years.