Monday, August 3, 2009

Poor Traits.

Yesterday I photographed tough all day and it was stellar! I was able to make some portraits (poor traits, if you will) of my two friends Kelly and Ryan.

Kelly's up first. I had to insist on her letting me photograph her, and I'm grateful for her giving in because she is beautiful.

Later in the day, Ryan, Leon &I went out to this Spokane overlook and shot some rock and roll portraits of Ryan. His face is so pretty! His skin is soft and baby-like and while I was doing some up close face shots (with the 50mm) I was struck by how PRETTY he is! Jeez...
I was switching between the 50mm and the 85mm for this shoot.

My friend Leon, who I have been staying with (and he has been cooking me breakfast and waking me up with the fresh aroma of coffee!), made this because he's going to pray tough for God to move WA &TN closer. It's really not a bad idea...

Tomorrow morning I start my trek back to the dirty, humid, and beautiful state of Tennessee. I'll probably be locked in my office (phoneless and in my pj's) for days, getting my wedding edits done. It will probably be awesome.