Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Matthew Stephen Allen.

This is Matthew Stephen Allen.

Apparently we met years ago and are now hanging out. Based on a recommendation (thank you Hannah), I'm going to take Heather's head and put it on Matt's body and thus my hybrid official SR model.

Listen to this HILARIOUS story-
Matt& I are driving down the road (down 17th St. toward Georgetown) and we pass this church called "The Church For Little People". and Matt proceeds to spin off on this crazy tale of how all the "little" people (midgets and dwarfs) in Cleveland got together and started a church.
"The doors and windows are even little!"
"They probably wouldn't even let big people in!"
I scoffed at this, thinking there was no way it could be true.
We arrive at our destination (book club) and at the end, he tells the group about the "church for little people"...come to find out... it is a children's church building!
Matt was crushed.

This memory will keep me laughing for, probably, the rest of my life.