Friday, August 28, 2009

Liston-Avnaim Wedding.


so this wedding...
was perfect.

they are so in love!
they had sort-of-matching Tom shoes as their wedding shoes!
they were married under a chuppah.

nick picked wildflowers for the wedding.
we were able to take their wedding portraits downtown Cleveland (which is, of course, my happy place).
their ceremony had hymns! and foot washing!
they danced down the aisle after the were announced husband and wife (see photo below).

absolutely beautiful!

nick created this of him and says "till your breath is the only song i hear"

they made me sit here...

so seriously, this wedding ROCKED.
gooooosh. they are so cool to be around! it was a thrill.
i think i got high off their love, which is the ultimate compliment i can give.