Friday, September 18, 2009

brother, sister, flowers, august.

i feel like most days are the busiest.
it's all low-key work, like sitting in front of my macbook all day...but it's still tiring work.

this weekend, it's break time!
my brother is in town to visit me so this computer business can be put on hold (well, after i post this blog).

ok, so all summer cleveland had that farmer's market downtown at the 5 point museum. and it was awesome!
i would get flowers every time i went, and last week was the market's last week of the season, so sadly this is my last bouquet.
the man's flowers are so beautiful!
it's fire with a touch of purple.

today's brother and august:

and my half-sister has been staying here as well!

as a preview of what's to friend leon is designing me a new (and super incredible) website. he filmed a bunch of video (starring me, which was super uncomfortable for me) for the site. these are screen shots of a little clip!

get stoked!


there's so much going on to talk about!
last weekend was FashionWeek in Charlotte, NC with my girl Cigi releasing her fall line for THE F L O C K A P P A R E L.
super incredible clothes and she is the best lady ever!
and i'll be going back to Charlotte soon to finish up some shots for her. it is a delight to work with her!

i've been listening to adventures in odyssey quite a bit lately. which is pretty standard, but i am getting excited about it.

and i've been drinking a lot of tea (from teeavana, which is amazing!). so good! it breaks up my day in a nice way to get up and make tea, and bring it back to my desk. beautiful little details.

brother/family time now.
more (many many more) photos to come. i have them all edited and done, i just need to get them up here!