Thursday, September 10, 2009

Various Portraits of my loved ones.

first off, story time:

I have never mowed a lawn before. not with a push mower. and this is something i have wanted to do!
so my friend logan showed me how to start 'er up and had me mow his yard.
i was wearing cowboy boots because that seemed logical (protect my feet and what not). my feet almost died.
so i kicked them off. but still!
that lawn mower weighs more than i do!
and i had such a hard time pushing it.
and so i realized: i am a girl. i vacuum indoors. boys vacuum yards with lawn mowers.
i mowed most of the back yard and then passed out on logan's couch.
i became even more grateful for my yardless loft apartment.

funny as he is, he made this photo time series of me and my work.
i laughed incredibly hard at seeing this.

this is Jules, my good-looking, olive skinned, tattooed room-mate.

earlier this week I went to Sweetwater, TN (what a great town!) to have lunch with my old college suitemate, ashley. ashley is awesome! it is very interesting to me that we are almost COMPLETE opposites. our styles, beliefs, reactions, everything. but we're friends and i like it!

and this is Jeff. my favourite office-mate.

so several days ago i recieved a package addressed to "Sara Cobra Renee"
with such a label, i knew it was going to be a treasure chest.
and it was!

this guy, andy:

mailed me a care package from Wyoming! we're talking fresh sage!, local coffee, dried flowers, the softest t-shirt, cowboy stickers, a new! my chest swelled up!

the sage is maybe my favourite.
i love its smell! i usedto be all about yankee candle's scent "sage&citrus" (and still am), but the real thing is way more fresh!

so, life is good.
photos are my favourite thing.
i've also been stenciling a lot (after drawing and cutting out the stencils).

and tomorrow i'm going to charlotte for THE F L O C K A P P A R E L' S FASHION SHOW!
pretty excited to photograph and be a part of it. cigi is my favourite artist to colloborate with. and we're going to have down time with just us girls. wahoo!