Monday, September 28, 2009

photo of the day,

today is a slower work day and the air is inspiring to me so i thought,
every day i should do a "shot of the day" in my apartment. something shadowy maybe, or abstract, or something definite. whatever it is, just to investigate light and shapes.
so, i started today.
but i picked a few because i liked more than one.

really, this is just something to flex my photographic muscles.

&then there is this little fellow, my partner, who followed me around and helped me.

this weekend i went to atlanta with my room-mate and hung out with his wonderful mother. then we headed over to athens, ga to hang out with a friend on his farm. (i love farms).
i rode a 4 wheeler, shot a pistol and a shotgun, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
we went to church while we were there and i witnessed the best worship service i have ever attended. i'm still reeling from it.
it was actually awesome to get out of cleveland. usually i have really bad anxiety about leaving home/town unless its a business trip. but this trip was great. so much fresh air!

today is the ideal day to set the mood with my morning jacket "evil urges" album. mmmm! i can't get enough!