Friday, January 8, 2010

on goals, and the imporatnce of.

click on this so it becomes larger, and read it.

this article, written by my friend tony eubank, was written when i was nineteen years old and just just just starting to make photos.

four years later and i have achieved every goal i made.
(hot dang!)

-saving up for a digital camera (now, three digital cameras later...)- check!
-graduating college and going to Hallmark Institute of Photography- check!
-actually moved to 1st street, in my favourite part of town- check!
-hearing the train a few times a day!- check!
-moving back to cleveland, tn after photo school to open my own business- check!

and then,
ever since i lived in germany (my last two years of high school) i put it in my list of goals to live overseas again. last year, when i wrote my career business plan, i put that in as a 5 year goal.
and (as my brother recently informed me), i used to send my brother postcards (while i lived in germany) telling him how much i wanted to move back to germany.

move to germany- check! (well, in a few more weeks)
ps. i'll be living in heidelberg.

goals are crucial.
i feel strongly about setting goals, being motivated, and working hard.

as my friend will once said (and this is my favourite motto slogan i have ever heard):

sleep well. stay warm. make goals.