Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a sort of Q&A

the question keeps getting posed to me:
"are you still going to take photos in germany?"

kind of a confusing question for me. and borderline offensive.
it' s like me saying "hey, i heard you're going out of town...are you going to abandon everything you love? maybe stop breathing and being a human?"
right, sounds far-fetched, but those are things that actually go through my head.

ps. one way plane ticket has been purchased baby!

i'm still going to make photos.

sr: the swedish airplane/super model

i've also decided to start posing the funny stuff that happen on a daily basis in my life.

i have avoided doing this because, frankly, people use the internet as a bathroom to poop and throw up all their personal, depressing information. it's tacky and embarrassing so i try and keep things clean, vague, with only a hint of personal information on here. and also, i don't want to embarrass anyone else. but, those days are over!

story number one:
at cracker barrel with my friend logan. checking out. the song "friends in low places" by garth brooks comes on. i turn to logan and say "ahhh! this song is soooo sexy!"
the cashier is a young man and immediately starts belting out the song, singing along with garth brooks.
i mean, how more obvious can you be?

here are some things i have been working on as of late:

good day to you all!