Tuesday, January 12, 2010

test shots: for the fun of it.

earlier this evening my bb desirae helped me figure out some test shots.
unfortunately, nothing worked for what we were going for...and we will have to try again (and so it goes) but we got these fun (and for me, hilarious shots).

the last photo is an actual decent shot.
but the point of test shots is humour, as far as i am concerned.

and so, here is desiare in my apartment, a few hours ago.

these are all test shots for a project that will be happening in a few weeks...a project i want&expect everyone to come out and be a part of.
details to come later this week (once i get a final test shot so i can promote it properly!)


while posting these i (may or may not have) realized that i am going to miss things!
like desirae. and this red chair. and maybe even my room-mates. and parallel parking (which i can now do). and comfort and familiarity.
i was born into the military, and so moving every few years (even months) has been my entire life. safe to say, i can handle it. but...cleveland, tn is by far the longest i have ever lived anywhere.

ah. no more tears. all that to say- it's good times ahead. i'm here for another month (maybe 5 weeks) so, let the good times tumble around us all.