Friday, January 29, 2010

train stations, tests, penpals, snow.

my apartment, which is located near the train tracks, sort of serves as a train station of sorts.
people are always there. a few weeks ago i had 13 people sleeping under my roof. yeah. wild.
well, i have 5 room-mates. and so it goes.

so a few weeks ago my friend ryan (from rhode island who, turns out we have been friends for TEN years!) came through town with his touring band. fun! it was so cool to see him on southern turf, because usually i come see him in RI.

that SAME weekend, my penpal came to town with her brother!
we have been letter writing (snail mail, not e-mail) for the past four years. it was so awesome to get to finally meet her! in person, just like her letters- she is the sweetest girl alive.

this is jennifer (my penpal) and her brother corey:

and this is ryan from rhode island!

there is this Febreeze commercial where the lady is something like "i have kids and they play sports, so you can bet that i use Febreeze".
and everytime i see it i think "i live with 5 boys. you can bet i use Febreeze just about every single day.

this is josh, 1 of the 5 boys i live with, helping me with test shots.

my past days have been blurry.
i started teaching the photoshop class at Lee. i have been editing and working a lot. reading too (i will never get into kindles, by the way. cool idea, but i need the smell and texture of paper). applying for government jobs in Germany (which is a lot of paperwork!) and daydreaming a lot. it takes me longer to do normal things because my mind will trail off into a daydream.
this is something i'm trying to get better at- as in...i WANT to daydream more. it's like a creative exercise (when done at the right time).

and so, newsworthy stuff: it is snowing in Cleveland, TN. like, pretty bad.
these are my footprints coming from my car, when it first started.
it took me 45 minutes to get to work (it usually takes me 8 minutes).

but i work part-time at a hotel and they're putting me up so i won't have to drive.
i absolutely looove staying at hotels! (also loving this leather jacket i got from victoria's secret. this is the kind of thing that makes me want to have a daughter so i can pass it down to her).

this is the end of this specific blog post.