Saturday, January 23, 2010

wood panel, hair cuttery, bingbing!

the first set of photo was taken last night, just messing around.
the first two boys ( on the left are 2 of my 5 (yes, i repeat 5) room-mates.
then there is myself, pre-haircut. and my friend black tony.

this second set is all of me, post hair-cut.
let me tell you a little bit about where i get my hair cut.

it's a little shop called Salon V where this big, muscular, tattooed up, NY accented, harley riding man named Victor runs the shop. i will not deny the fact that, if i ever get in a fight or am threatened in any serious way, victor is my first call.
victor's been cutting (and back in the day colouring) my hair for years. and he's awesome. he's taken me from black to blonde and back again. he wasn't angry when i shaved my head (i avoided him for months after i shaved my head because i was so nervous!),
and best yet- he actually knows how to cut hair and will work with you on styles.

i mean, really....good hairdressers are almost impossible to find!

(click on this for largeness).

these photos were made with one softbox. and in some of the ones of the boys, a silver reflector was used for fill.

and then, just for funny....
i was smoking my pipe hard, to get smoke from it for the photos, and it was just too much.
i accidentally inhaled and this face is how it felt:

the end.

ps. i start teaching a basic Photoshop class at Lee University on monday.
i'll probably throw up before the first class i'll be so dang nervous.