Thursday, February 25, 2010

cutest little persian eskimo&white pairing ever.

i'm that girl who hangs out almost exclusively with the male species.
i live(d) with 5 boys. and girls are just not as much fun.
desirae is the exception. which is why we are best friends...
(well that, and she says that when she met me, she thought to herself "yeah, i'm going to be best friends with this girl") .
and so it began.

we have the same size feet (size 6/7).
we like the same beers. we share clothes, crafts, coffee, shoes, ideas, jokes, jobs.
she is a persian eskimo princess. i am an italian/german hybrid.

we had a fight once.
when i left TN we exchanged peacoats.

when we said good-bye, after all the hugging and what not, she hopped into her purple jeep and screamed "PISSED! PISSED! PPPPPIIIIISSSSSEDDDDDD! PISSED!" and swerved out of the parking lot.
it hilarious, meaningful, and i will remember it always.