Monday, February 1, 2010

on nervous breakdowns and the prevention of such things.

well i have never had a nervous breakdown.
but sometimes, i have felt close. sort of. i mean, i'm pretty capable but things get pretty slammed.

when i was at hallmark institute of photography last year, we had classes on eveeeeerything. i mean, everything. we even had a yoga class to help us deal with stress. and one thing we had a class on, that i thought was awesome, was journaling.

seems silly. like a little girl keeping a diary with all the boys she has crushes on.
but it's not.

it's the most theraputic thing. and there are so many thoughts that flit in, bang around, and then leave my mind that i must write them down. and i like to keep them all in one, organized place.
and really, really wild and funny things happen in my life (and probably yours as well) and i want to get all the details correct for when i go back and write my memoir.

and on a stranger level, i just like to carry something around with me. my moleskin is like my more-adult blankee. there is a sort of security that comes with it.
like, "if i carry this with me, i'm set and good to go".

and stream-of-conscious writing...uhhh! my favourite! i can't believe the things that come out of my brain when i do that. it's pretty much always a surprise.

now i would like to talk about jeff buckley.
i watched his dvd the other night. and i can't get him out of my mind.
on the disc "live at sin-e", the song "the way young lovers do".
listen to it. that specific version. it's ten minutes long. and it's a ride.

(i was going to post a photo of jeff, but...i like musicians to remain faceless. this isn't n'sync and we don't listen to music because of what the musicians look like.)