Thursday, February 25, 2010

engaged: Jill&Chad

I've been friends with Jill&Chad for like...a bazillion years (probably more like 4).
And now they are getting married in three months, so we went downtown this weekend to take some engagement photos!

Many thanks to my beau for coming along &helping with gear carrying&reflecting!
this is us all before the shoot.
just a typical day of shooting, getting grabbed, &wearing many colours/layers.

and THEN, jill was awesome enough to come over the next day and take some photos of adam and i.
shooting with a timer is soooo lame! i mean, it's actually really fun, but it takes forever and the amount of good shots is very little. so i set the camera settings and framed it (camera on tripod) and had jill shoot! she was hilarious. everything i had told her to do on her engagement photos, she repeated back to us. seriously, i was dying laughing.

lastly, we all have these "celebrity look-alikes".
adam is ryan gosling.
which is pretty nice since ryangosling is my definition of the "best looking man alive".

byebye from scranton, PA!