Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hannah davenport.

last saturday (in the absolute freezing cold!) hannah came to town and we made these images.
these are a dream come true, because i am always wanting people to get all dolled up for outdoor photos. and tada! enter hannah!

so meet the gorgeous hannah (and her dog daisy), who were brave enough to brace the FREEZING cold wearing summer clothes!
(i mean, i was completely bundled up and i wanted to throw myself into a fire just to thaw out)


i leave TN on monday. i'm not saying good-bye to anyone...that stuff is way over-rated. there's just no time to hang out "one last time"!
so...farewell TN! my weekend is slam booked and i JUST started packing.

cool story- i had a hotel guest call me today to apologize for not being able to say good-bye, to wise me all the luck in the world, and to tell me how much he has enjoyed my company
(this is a guy who comes in at 530am or breakfast and we have execllent life talks). and another guest brought me dinner from Outback! best thing(s) ever. i feel well taken care of and i appreciate that endlessly.