Friday, February 12, 2010

cameron reese.

yesterday i met up with cameron reese to take some portraits.
he is 6'2"! (huge) and only a freshman in high scool. dang. i have been the same size practically my whole life and it's not anywhere near 6'2".

if you're in TN you know that it is freezing out and actually snowing (again). and yesterday was pretty cold too. cameron toughed it out with these thin shirts. it felt like my hands were withered and dead, so i know his whole body had to be hurting.

without further ado, here is CAMERON!

many thanks to chase smartt who came out and assisted me! you are a great help.

i love hats. and garage doors. and textures. and cameron's hair. and waking up to a rose earlier today. and the waitress who gave me a free hot coco today at the Spot Restaurant. and seeing my flier on display there. and drinking my coffee black. and my mom. and space heaters. and doing my laundry for free.

photo sessions are CLOSED. no more photo shoots in the USofA (that are not already scheduled).
many of my friends here in TN think i'll be back in a few months. we'll see...! you little wishful thinkers!

this sunday i will be at cafe roma, co-hosting the CASA fundraising wine dinner. it is already sold out (reservations only), so if you have a reservation, then i will see you then! it's going to be a blast.