Monday, March 8, 2010

back in Cleveland, TN.


I did not get on my airplane flight to germany.

It was an (extremely) last minute decision. I am painfully aware that everyone wants to know why…and all I can say is:

This was my decision. I chose Tennessee. I chose my business. And I chose my life here.

There are thousands of reasons I should move to Germany.

There are thousands of reasons I should stay in Tennessee.

I did actually move out of TN (&made it as far as PA). I got rid of my dog. Broke up with my boyfriend. Sold/donated most of my possessions. Moved out of my apartment. Closed my American bank account. Changed my mailing address. What I’m trying to say is: this was a surprise to me too.

And now I am back. I have my own lovely dream house. I have an amazing boyfriend, a handful of spectacular friends, and I want for nothing.

I scheduled my first shoot the second day I was back and shot it the third day I was back. (Ironically enough we had to schedule it ASAP because she was going back to Germany this past weekend).

So here is your press release:

I, SaraRenee, am back in Southeast Tennessee and am booking photoshoots now.

Business is getting stepped up a notch on my end.

A little bit of this &a little bit of that,