Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Packaging.

Well now that I'm back and all set-up I re-designed my packaging.

Some people say that brown and black do not match. And I am here to tell you that those people are WRONG. Brown and black absolutely (and clearly) match. People are crazy! My every day outfit is the following: brown boots (either cowboy or equestrian), black leggings, and some sort of t-shirt or hoodie. It's safe to say that I wear this outfit an average of six days a week.

Brown and black just look SO GOOD together. Like, if they were people, they could be best friends. Brown and Black forever. And so, those are my colours.

(And on an earth friendlier note- my packaging is mostly created from recycled goods.)

So to tell you a little about what you get when you schedule a photoshoot with me:
After the (definitely fun &awesome) photoshoot, I take the images to my home office and edit/re-touch them. I then have a custom DVD case and disc made from images from your photoshoot. The case is sooo nice! It has a magnetic clasp and a smooth, matte finish, which is handmade and wrapped in a laminated press print.

Inside the case is a DVD (also printed with an image from your photoshoot) with all your edited images!

Then I package it all up (which you can see in the photos below), delicately slide it into my hand-made gift bag (along with some coupons &a print authorization form) and VIOLA! It's ready for delivery.

Please note that all cards, bags, labels, etc are HAND STAMPED. I do this myself for quality control and because, let's be honest, I love art&crafts time. I had different sized stamps made of my logo, and do it all by hand, order by order.

These kind of things are wicked amounts of fun for me to do, and I am hoping they are as much fun for you to receive.