Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dorothea Lauster-Noe.

Ironically enough, I was able to photograph Dorothea while she was vacationing here from Germany. She is the mother and sister of two of my friends and I can confidently say that Dorothea's entire family are some of the kindest and greatest people I know.

I was sooo pleased I had the opportunity to photograph Dorothea! She is (clearly, as you can see for yourself) gorgeous.
And here we go!

We had Amelie&Ana with us (Dorothea's nieces), and their SUPER helpful babysitter (thank you Sarah!) and my reflector girl (thank you Jill!) so we were quite the littler entourage, tooling around downtown Cleveland. It ruled! It felt awesome to get back into the swing of Portrait Photography (it had only been about a week or two, but still...).

The thing about me almost moving to Germany is...I DID move to Germany in my brain. So while I was only gone from TN for seven days, I had been living in Germany for at least two weeks in my brain. Ah! What a trip.

Thank you Dorothea for a lovely shoot, for walking all over town in those crazy heels, and for being so cooperative!!!