Sunday, March 28, 2010


Alright, so my Inbox was slammed with Business tips and ideas.
AWESOME stuff. I was amused, impressed, and inspired.  All of the ideas were pretty killer.

After narrowing the contestants down to 2 people, I was faced with the awful task of picking ONE. (Actually, really difficult).  But the task is finished, and I am pleased to announce that the winner is one...

ADRIENNE MCNELLIS from Chattanooga, TN. 

I thought maybe it would be interesting to share her idea(s)?
•for starters, she approved of my idea for a Free Photoshoot Contest
•going to local sporting events and photographing them, then handing out my cards and getting e-mail address for people to get their photos (good for getting my name on people's brains)
•since car events are so big down here (HUGE), Adrienne suggested going out to the shows and mingling with the owners to see if they needed/wanted shots of their car.
•auctioning off a Shadowing session for aspiring photographers (annnnd, this is something I offer and if you are an interested aspiring photographer, just e-mail me!)
•Hosting a gallery showing of selected photos, perhaps even having some of it for sale. And making it, not just a plain old gallery, but complete with food and drinks and making it an awesome and official event (you ALL would have to promise to come).

I am sooo glad and grateful to have received all of them.

I will be implementing some of these ideas soon (and some of the ideas I got were things that I had already, just days before, started working on. It's good to see that my brain was at least on the right track).

Thank you all!

On a completely un-related note, here are photos I took this afternoon of my house/woods behind house:

Pretty much, I love this house. Woods, creek, skylight, jacuzzi bath-tub, hard-wood's lovely.
&it's great to be back in Tennessee!