Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dizzy Des, Terminator, birds.

This is Dizzy Des, a very cool girl that makes really funny jokes.

This image was part of a set for The Flock Apparel, which I would hiiiighly recommend you checking out and supporting.

These are before and afters.
Oh, the magic of Photoshop.

According to my metadata, this was shot at 3.20am...I was SO exhausted. I am not a very good late-night person (well, not when I wake up before the sun). Anyways, I wish I had chosen my background better and swept the floor a little bit. Alas...

There was a lot of little speckle clean up on the floor, highlight and tonal tweaks in the background, and then getting those blasted bicycles out of the way (way easier than I thought it would be). I even took the chipped nail polish off her fingernails.

I turned this in for a personal submission in my final portfolio.
(which has been turned in, and now I await my final portfolio review session)

On a more mainstream note- the movie Terminator is awful. So, completely terrible. I love cheesey action movies. Not this one! Waste of time, money, and talent (or lack thereof).

Sometimes on facebook chat I get overwhelmed by all the open chat windows (plus Lightroom, Photoshop, etc being open) and so I will just log out with out finishing any conversations. I do this, not to be rude, but because internet talking is ridiculous. And...I really want no part in it. So if I have logged on mid-convo with you...I apologize. I just can't handle it and I forget to make my thing "offline".

Last night I slept a grand total of (somewhere between) 60-90 minutes. Wawaweewa. It was a pretty great night though. And the birds outside my window at 4.40am were INCREDIBLE. They were so loud! It was as if every bird in western Mass met in my backyard and they were chatting away. I tried to isolate each bird noise and listen to the pattern repeat itself...surprisingly difficult.

And now sleep time comes
(I'm so excited to go to bed that I might not even be tired. sike).