Saturday, May 23, 2009

Iphone Photo Geekout.

taking photos with the iphone is fun. cute. and a lot more discreet than a DSLR with a telephoto lens. and thanks to the creators of apps, you can even edit!

i recently downloaded 2 photo apps.
first being the Camerabag app which has filters that give photos a holga look, polaroid, infared, black&white, fisheye, lolo (which boosts the colour saturation), and a few others. it's a ton of fun.

second being Polarize (which is free) and allows you to turn your photo into a polaroid and then tag it! i love being able to caption photos!

this was taken yesterday evening at sunset and i used the LoLo filter from Camerbag.
mmm...front porches, beers, good lighting, and friends.

this is probably my favourite iphone photo ever. i wish i could blow it to poster size and hang it in my room. (LoLo filter)

Poloraid filter from Camerbag.

Andy the Giraffe took this with my phone with the Polarizer.

Helga (aka. Holga) filter on Camerabag

Lolo (works great for images with greens and yellows!)

Helga filter

LoLo filter

LoLo filter (the night we handed in our final portfolios)

Andy took this with the Polarizer, and captioned it.

My friend Trevor Lee McGee, Polarizer app.

While I was editing my Red Stripe bottles, with the Polarizer.

Iphones are cool. If only I could learn to text properly on them....

Yesterday I made the big purchase of a ColorMunki, for colour calibrting my monitor (and future projector). The before and after of my monitor was EXTREME, to say the least.
I really enjoy buying things for my business. I also re-designed my letterhead today (still working on it). I think about these things all the time. Like, while I am eating, before I fall asleep, while people are talking to me...all the time.

my time for moving back to cleveland is coming soon...!!
i'm ready to giddy up.