Thursday, May 7, 2009


This rascly wabbit is twenty-one years old and is named Fluffy.
And I am still sleeping with him.

He head fits into the nook of my neck and chin perfectly.

I think this first shot is going to be used in my final portfolio as my conceptual still life.

and then how about this for a tentative promo piece?
the fonts definately need some work, but I feel Fluffy is a good representation for my business (except that my business is wedding&portrait driven...).

Images were shot with a Canon 5D, 85mm f1.2 (which makes me drool!).

I'm currently in the Imagin Lab at school, starting to print images for my final portfolio.
Pretty EXCITING stuff. It's like being on a nervous/excited high. I don't hate it.

I'm stoked to use some of my friends in my portfolio (Ourtna&Lyton, Brett Wise, my dad, cousins, etc).

This portfolio is due MAY 20 (really really big day) and after that is PARTY TIME!! Sike. We will have optional emphasis classes, and then we have the reviews of our final portfolio. Let me break this down:
we show up on to school, dressed to impress. We sit in an auditorium with our group members and whatever family/friends we choose to bring with us for moral support. There is a mysterious black curtain on stage and behind it is your (or a classmates) prints (11x14, matted). Behind this curtain are three established photographers, who have been flown in to judge and critique our work. They grade your work for technicalities (if it meets the assignment guides), and then critique it based on...whatever art standards they have in their heads.
Then, you pass or fail.

I don't feel nervous.
But I do a little bit.