Monday, May 18, 2009


My friend Maxlouski is a great photographer.
This is what he looks like.

I am almost completely finished with my school assignments. What a mellow feeling!
I launched my website today so take a look,

About my new blog header:
Andy Bardon took that photo of me yesterday and was gracious enough to let me use it as my Bio photo on my site.
Concerning Andy, One- Andy is a very nice human. Two- He is a strong man and can pull me around on slick floors when I am wearing only my socks. Third, and lastly- he is tall like a giraffe.

This is Andy,

I think I'm going to make a hot water bottle (the air has a sting of cold in it today) and read a book in bed.
and I love Hallmark .
and I love leggings. external harddrives. photoshop. mannequins. putting itunes on shuffle. chris pino's headphones. my brother (who totally graduated college this weekend). having short hair. the fact that i am going to TN in 2 weeks. dreamweaver. the 5D MarkII. shooting wide open. naps. printing. being barefoot at school. grins.
end list.