Saturday, July 11, 2009

Andy D. Goodner

If there's one thing I'm good at, it is home making.
Decorating, arranging, cleaning, ironing, painting (walls, not canvases), sweeping, mopping...I enjoy doing these things. Mainly because I can't live/work/be happy in a place that isn't clean. Like Michelle Branch's album "Spirit Room," that is what my home is.

I found this wooden piece of wall in an old storage room I was cleaning out, and I want to use it for more portraits I take in my home. The window light during the day is ideal! These portraits were taken with straight up window light at about 11am, with the Mark Deuce, and the 85mm.

I asked Andy to take his shirt off because it was neon orange. And I don't like neon, super bright trendy colours in my photos. That, and cars. I will do anything I can to avoid having cars in the backgrounds of my photos. It dates the photo and...I want my photos to be timeless. No cars cluttering my backgrounds!

Andy! (check out his KILLER design work by clicking on his name)

I have a wedding today and it is going to be sooooooo good!
Gosh! I'm stoked. This couple is rad and they both love art and the wedding will reflect that.

I have been riding my bicycle (with it's red glitter and brown pleather seat) every night. Mainly just around Lee, but through the streets of Cleveland as well. What a thrill! I love it. What a good investment.
Alright, Hobby Lobby is having a sale on frames so...I'm going to go nab some.