Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post-processing& the importance of:

In a photography world that is all digital, everyone is a photographer.

We all have that Uncle that has a Canon or Nikon DLSR and shoots all the time.
I could probably talk your ear off about this kind of thing, but I'm just going to focus on the post-processing aspect.

Getting things right in camera is the all-time best way to go. It saves you time and stress.
But no matter how right you get it, if you are shooting RAW (which I hope you are), then you have to post-process to a varying degree.

There are different workflows you can have, and I am a Lightroom and Photoshop girl. Give me the curves and levels adjustment layers! And High Pass (on 3.0 with the opacity of the layer turned down low so that it is just enough sharpening).

One of my biggest frustrations as a photographer is that people think the only time you spend working on a shoot is the time you're on making the images. But little do they know...the time spent on the computer is far more extensive! Especially when it's a wedding shoot!

I am going to post some before and afters.
I didn't feel right about posting anyone else's photos, so I posted myself again (sorry!)
Since people need varying degrees of work done to their faces it's a toss up on how much retouching needs to be done.

These photos are mainly colour/tone/levels adjustments but there are little bumps and lines I removed, and I took out the shadow from the moustache in the second set.
(You can click on the image to make it larger.)

All I'm trying to say is: post-processing workflow is huge. It is vital. It can make or break the image.