Monday, July 27, 2009

Spokane, WA is where I am located.

After sleeping five out of forty-eight hours, I finagled my way to the airport and flew on over to Spokane, WA. I was asleep before take off on all three of my flights and I think I might be all caught up.

Now I'm in Spokane and hanging out with both old friends and new friends, and all good friends. And I'm having copious amounts of time to read, simmer down my boiling mind, and journal. (I love my moleskine).

Yesterday we floated down the Spokane River and just straight up chilled. It was so relaxing. I kept pressing my cheek against the warmth of my shoulder and I was so content to just lay in the raft, with no phone, camera, computer, or to-do list. Ah. So nice!

I lived in Germany my last 2 years of high school and my best friends from school live on the West Coast now, which makes for a great reason to come out here.
Most of them arrive tomorrow, but Papa Folden lives right in Spokane.
I used to walk to school with him every morning junior year of high school, and hang out in his drum room while he practiced (he is a pretty good drummer....)

&this is a new friend, Matt Scoop

Almost exactly one year, to the day, I found this kitten down by the pier where we were swimming. I brought it home and my room-mate kept it. The room-mate now lives in Spokane and still has Fletcher, the cat. It is so good to see her in a loving home!

Art in people's houses that I liiiiike

Portraits are going to get taken like crazy pretty soon.
Just you wait.