Friday, July 31, 2009

Spokane, WA where the love abounds.

These past few days have been so untamed and beautiful.

The weather has been breezy and the sun is flaring everywhere I look. We have been on back porches, hot tubs, floating miles in the river, sleeping in giant beds, going out for big breakfasts, and cooking dinner together. Ah! every day has been my favourite.


Cody &crying eyes,



Bee&CoCo playing at Zola's,

Bee, you HAVE to hear her to believe how incredible she is,

Michael Scott Mahler,

Matthew Ryan Omdal,

Cecilia Kim Robles,

Yesterday was a celebration of the day I was born. I've never really been into celebrating birthdays; they make me uncomfortable because people tend to get pretty ridiculous and selfish on their birthdays...but yesterday was BY FAR the best birthday I have had in my life.
We floated down the river on rafts from WA to ID. We BBQed while listening to the Avett Brothers. We laughed. We hot tubbed. It was awesome.

my birthday cake, complete with fake candles and a pistol in the background...

my view from standing up in the sunroof,

they floated down the river on turtles and crocodiles,

this dog is bigger than i am,

Ah. What a good trip!
& it's not over yet!

Tomorrow is the wedding and I am way excited for that!