Thursday, July 2, 2009


Dear Cleveland, TN (&all residents& those who are close),

I am home!
I am officially a Bradley County resident and it feels incredible to be back.
The heat feels like a constant hug, wrapped close and always comfortable. The train is as playful as always &I rode my bicycle with it tonight, trying to keep up as it flew by.

As of yesterday, I have a TN license and plates.
The DMV spelled my name wrong, which turned my three and a half hour wait into a comical experience for me.

Also, I have been leaving the make-up alone for a while, as this photo reflects. It feels so good to be able to rub my eyes and not worry about mascara. And my contacts last so much longer when I don't wear makeup.

You could say (and it would be an understatement) that I am happy to be home. In Cleveland, TN.

And I am available for booking photo sessions for weddings, senior portraits, engagements, maternity, family, and baby.
Just send me an e-mail at to get the ball rolling!

Speaking of booking weddings...
here is a sneak peek of Tyler&Rachel Garvey's wedding that I flew back to TN for last month.
It was at the Grandview up on Lookout Mountain (which is one of my favourite wedding venues) and this wedding was BEAUTIFUL! I love these people.

Tomorrow I am going to Kentucky for a wedding, and I anticipate great things!
Good-night all over the world.