Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tanard, "T".

i saw T at a basketball game a few weeks ago and figured i probably wouldn't meet someone this good looking again for a while. &so i asked to shoot him.

and here are the photos!

My new website was launched yesterday. baby!

for some reason, i can not get the new site to upload on my computer.
i have tried: clearing my cookies and cache, restarting my router, restarting my computer, using different firefox and safari, etc. i was on the phone with my hosting company and he couldn't figure it out either. but i guess if it's working for ya'll then i'm ok with it.
but if you know why my old site comes up on my computer, please let me know. i want to see my site!

and also, i still have an innnnnssssaaaannneee new site coming, so this "new" site right now is kind of like a place holder. great things are on the way!

and speaking of great things, i went camping for the first time last night! heck yes!it was cold but i was not cold. we had a fire, cooked hot dogs on sticks, listened to the wind, watched the stars (which i really can't even see without my glasses on). i love being outside! i love the air and the sounds. mmm! makes me feel all feisty and alive.

my life has been completely non-stop lately.

i have been working, shooting, editing, rescuing kittens from my warehouse, camping, hiking, etc.

about the kittens- i've been hearing them meow for a i went over the wall on the other side of my apartment and found them! it took some detective work, but there were three kittens in an old stove. they are now in a box in my room.

here's one:

teeeeny tiny!

if you want one and are local, let me know asap!