Wednesday, November 11, 2009

butterfly wings and nostril flares.

so you have your different types of lighting...long/short loop, split, rembrandt, and then there is my favourite: butterfly. it's hard to get a perfect butterfly (what with the model moving-even the slightest bit and it's off centre), and usually ends up being a not-too-terrible blend of a butterfly and short loop.

there's something so...romantic and sexy about butterfly lighting. and it's so flattering! and serious.
it adds a solemn tone.
and it it what i have been feeling as of late.

with these 4 shots (of my incredibly handsome room-mate julian)...well...
i don't want to give anything away...but i have some schemes. everything in my brain is entirely illustrated. in real-time.
and i have shoot ideas.
and cigi has been in town and we just had a brainstorming tornado session for out future PSPP projects and they are HUGE! and insane! and you can all (all over the US) be a part of them.
...more news to come on that.

to conclude...i can't tell which is heavier: my mind or my eyelids.

but i have a funny story to end with:
coffee date. last night. when i arrived, they had already ordered their drink and were sipping it while sitting at the table. i ordered my hot apple cider and join them at the table. some time elapsed, and they confessed:
"i made sure to come early tonight because i don't like coffee and didn't want you to see me order a hot chocolate."
so funny to me! the word "cute" is for puppy dogs, but it was cute.

good-night, all over the world.