Thursday, November 5, 2009


some things about today:

1- my hair is super long in the back. really, not attractive at all. but i'm growing it out for the winter!
2- des and i got pedicures today. my feet are soft like a chubby toddler.
3- i am editing PSPP photos for the Flock. (they won't be up until Cigi revels them in a grand revelation kind of way).
4- cusp. i am on the cusp. i can't stay still! i have to move!
5- isn't this man pictured here super handsome?
6- from now until 730am, i will be awake and conscious. (no rest for the wicked!)
7- i am in such need for a killer website that it is shameful. but it is in the works! rome wasn't built overnight, eh?
8- i have received two insane mix cd's for this month. my ears are grinning.
9- people post waaaaay too personal of information on the internet in public forums. it's nasty and you should know better.