Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brigitta Hoeferle, Montessori Kinder School.

Brigitta is the kind of woman i hope to grow up to be.
she is a wise business woman, she is one hundred percent involved in her children's lives (and her kids are also very involved in everything), she is an excellent cook, a great wife, runs an incredible school and an impeccable household.
oh, and she is german! my favourite. you will see from these photos, she is a rock and roll star. i just don't get how she can be all of these things. mind blowing!

these are some fun "head shots" for her new website.

they were taken around the Montessori school at 10am. i can't remember ever shooting outside at 10am, but it worked!

in case you haven't noticed...i've been milking that lens flare lately.
my mom told me today that it makes my images look crappy, fuzzy, and low quality.
well...i'm pretty sold on lens flare. i realize it doesn't work for all shots, but if the sun is low enough i am definitely going to take a few shots shooting right into that ball of fire!

and on this note (or, photo), i leave you.
my apartment and autumn. merged and fused in a photograph.