Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'm a 1.8 kind of girl.

for these photographs...i used only the modeling light on my new alien bee and a silver reflector (on most) and my 85mm 1.8 with the stunning mark deuce.

mmm...i like taking photos.
all the humans pictured below are pretty great. some are my room-mates, some are my closest friends, and some business associates. it just so happens that they are all pretty good looking.

this past week i went fishing! it was so great. i caught a fish (named steve) and i realized that...i love being outdoors. so heck yes for that. i am a cowboy loving trail blazer and that's how it is going to be.

and since my life is so grand and adventurous, i am going to pen a memoir at some point. everything now is just record keeping/note taking.
here is a clip from an e-mail sent to a friend, explaining my memoir plan and providing some examples for material:

i went fishing for the first time today and caught a fish! unfortunately, it died before we could unhook it and throw it back in. i feel pretty terrible, like a murderer. a little fish murderer.

and this will get a short paragraph- i stop at a gas station with august (my pup) in my backseat with the windows down. i run in for a drink. come out and there is a crowd of three super rough looking bikers in black leather, metal studs, and wrinkly skin gathered around my car. and they are baby talking to august! like, their voices googly.
"aren't you just the prettiest pup i've ever seen? yes, you know it! you are such a good dog, so pretty..."
holy smokes, my teeth about fell out of my head because i was grinning so hard.

i caught a snake in the woods yesterday.
not memoir material, but still very cool.

his response to me was:

I would read that book. Although I think you should include the snake catching sequence. Those little details are what build and contribute to the texture of life. Also the idea of catching a snake has so many metaphorical relationships that you can't not include it. It could be one of your epiphany scenes. You stand in the woods holding a snake looking into it's eyes and pondering life's choices. That's lyrical man!!

i'm figuring that i should wait another 15-20 years to maximize the experiences told in this memoir. and i'm using all real names in it too, so....think about that.

get outside today. show the cold your body heat and get off the trail. jump a fence. catch a snake.

something like this.