Tuesday, December 15, 2009


meet anna &andrew, the two lovelies who traveled from NC to TN for me to photograph them!

i met anna my freshman year of college and haven't seen her since so it was great to see her this weekend!

so- we drove out towards...i don't even know...somewhere country and rambling and i pulled over on the side of the road to catch the light and use the field-ish background. EVERY ONE who drove by (and there were a lot!) stopped to see if we needed help. i was actually astounded. from my shooting/adventuring in the south i have never had people be so nice to me. this one guy rode his four-wheeler over from across the street to see if we needed to be pulled out from the ditch i pulled into.
and then!
when a lady saw that we were shooting, she invited us down the road to her horse pasture! i was blown away by how kind and helpful everyone was.
(thank you for letting us use your horse and land!)

i'm pretty sure i'm going to shoot more in that area.

and without further ado...anna and andrew!!!

yeah! i love shooting couples. i feel like i get the best couples too. the fun ones. the playful, interactive, comfortable ones. i consider myself lucky for this.

i also love tall grass. i love tom sawyer. i love cow gates with red, chipped paint. i love treasures (like this perfect, hand-made leather purse i found at an antique store). i love that my dad is coming to visit me tonight!
i love all these things and more.