Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wood paneling. mmmm.

what is it about wood paneling that makes my eyes drool?
i love it! it's so warm and it compliments skin tones so well.
warning: it takes me copious amounts of time for me to burn out on anything, so expect to see some wood paneling in the future and maybe forever.

these photos are from a few weeks back. to be honest, i forgot about them. this was just a fun, spur of the moment, hey-i-have-my-camera-and-lights-in-the-car kind of shoot. which i love.

tomorrow i'm flying to charlotte for the PHOTO RELEASE PARTY!
if you were one of the fifty-eight models photographed downtown Charlotte for the PUBLIC PHOTO SHOOT, your photos will be unveiled and available for purchase! and if you live in/anywhere NEAR Charlotte, i want to see you there!

it's at NICHE, which is located at:
1510 Camden Rd
Charlotte, NC 28203-4754
be there or be out of the cool loop.